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Why 9/11 is important to you Created 12 December 2013

Like the Kennedy assassination, the Moon landing, the death of Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance and the lesser known 'puzzles' around a so-called 'Pearl Harbour conspiracy', good questions about the events preceding, during and following the 21st century's greatest game changer - "9/11" - are being asked today by ordinary people and seasoned professionals alike. Some questions about 9/11, like the evidence of explosions, the use of Nano-thermite and the free-fall collapse of Building 7 as well as 'aerial impossibilities' concerning the Pentagon 'crash' on that fateful day remain annoyingly unexplained.

Initial inferences by the American mainstream media that suggestions about 'an inside job' is "unpatriotic" or "disrespectful to the families" of those who died have essentially subsided, largely on account of these same families' campaigns to have a truly independent investigation done. Online video evidence and even reality show television content is now available to the curious mind. Some have spent hours on asking really good questions. Others have remained divorced from 'events that are really none of their concern'.

So, why this article? Far be it from me to argue for or against a cover-up. That part is none of my business. But what IS part of my business as a sober civilian Christian is whether or not the world we live in is all that it is made out to be? Or, instead, whether or not what we see and hear from 'trusted sources' or mainstream media outlets is all that there is to know? Thus, to what extent is the average Joe being terminally naïve about what the heck is going on around him? And, what does it matter anyway?

The questions around 9/11 serve as a good benchmark to provide me with an answer. For, if it is true that 9/11 was a 'terrorist-assisted inside job' for the benefit of the American military industrial complex in addition to related inner circle or intra-governmental organisations, as some claim to provide evidence for, then it means that these peak parties through their connectivity to television news, talk shows, radio news, magazines, movies, political rallies, activist campaigns as well as official (some) government investigative commissions or agencies have attempted to, and largely succeeded in, hoodwinking the entire world's population to the benefit of a cause that serves a collaborative few.

But why the fuss? So, they killed 3,000 people on 9/11 - what's the big deal, some may ask? In Vietnam alone more than 1.5 million civilians were killed by soldiers representing the 'forces of goodness and liberty' - many of the killed were living in a country uninvolved in the conflict - some through the use of chemical weapons. And, apart from the production of propaganda 'Green beret American hero Rambo movies' nothing was said about that. So, what's the big deal about 9/11?

Here's the issue: it is not the killing of people that is the main concern here although that in itself is bad. But it is the CONTROL of people that is the issue; the control of people's thinking. For, what you think determines who you are; what you represent, what you will approve ('vote for') and what you will defend. And if you are oblivious to being manipulated in this way, you will have no reason to re-consider what really reality is. Your and my perceptions of our current reality determine your and my current thinking and thus our current doing. Here's the problem: our current doing, or lack thereof, determines our current 'fruit bearing', or lack thereof. So, is it important to have a clear grasp of reality - not as dished up by others, but as understood through the Spirit? Yes, I think so.

Already most Christians suffer from some form of 'cognitive dissonance'; without rationalising their actions they are unable to reconcile the proclaimed faith of some of their political, religious and commercial leaders with their heinous acts of rape, murder, theft and abuse both in history as well as in the current day. Most Christians simply cannot accept that people whom they look up to 'because of their faith' may perpetrate terrible crimes (let me add that it is not up to me to judge a person in terms of his or her eternal residence, only to judge the fruit of their actions in how it ties up with godliness). Thus, by being deceived by current day events such as perhaps those mentioned here make you or me invariably ineffective to living the Light.

Thus, it means that very possibly SOMEONE is lying; Better we stop listening.

The circumstances around 9/11 are bad but I cannot do anything about that. I am not about to engage an 'enemy' which most people around me are ambivalent about whether or not it exists. So, proving or disproving 9/11 conspiracies and then fighting the perpetrators is not my business. But, what I can do is to warn sincere Christians to be sober in their minds - their thinking; to not be negligently naïve about what ordinary citizens are being fed through television, radio, through music and even through 'Christian book stores' and in churches. With Peter we should be seriously vigilant and alert in picking misinformation, manipulation and deceit wherever it rears its ugly head. To think that this form of control is something foreign or alarmist - that it is something that does not affect you - in my opinion, is desperately foolish. Already the chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had to concede to an external audit of his corporation's aledged bias this past year. Yet, they are by no means an exception and, likely, they are by no means the pinnacle of perfection in plying the minds and perceptions of poor prosecutors of truth.

Thus, if indeed there is a reality to a 9/11 inside job conspiracy, and if it is true that some news corporations played along with it, it means that we will long ago have needed to critically evaluate almost everything we have heard on television or radio, for through these channels a fraud will have been committed. Even content on the God Channel or TBN must be vetted. There can be no other way. In the end it simply means that as Christians we should STOP BEING SO NAÏVE in order to wake up to what the heck is going on around us!

Because your thinking and mine is the control panel to convenient, classic conditioning the media, books and sermons we expose ourselves to is THE determination of our predisposed response to things impacting our pathway. Whilst these people possibly may even convince themselves that they're really serving a reasonable cause, even they are being deceived. There is no truth possible outside of Christ.

Coming back to the unanswered questions around 9/11, if indeed these guys - whomever they and their leaders may be - have got away with mass murder in broad daylight through nefarious ways and amongst others the use of a manipulated mass media to the outer most ends of the earth, then, please be assured, your mind and mine has been and still is under continuous attack! We are thinking differently than what would have been the case if we had not been exposed to conscious efforts to manipulate our thinking.

So, if mass media (feeding from centralised news content originators and on-sellers), and 'Christian book stores' (feeding from, amongst others, authors who find themselves part of questionable groupings), are not to be fully trusted, who shall we turn to for the real reality show? Here's the answer: Read the Word of God, think about it. Let it pump through your veins. Let it be your light. And, determine for yourself, to STOP BEING SO NAÏVE.

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Please consult the Bible and test what is written here. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom in this area. Keep that which is good and reject that which is not Scriptual. Should you come to a different understanding than I please let me know - perhaps I can learn from you.


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